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Local 60 promotes Health & Safety both at the workplace and at home. If you have an Occupational Health & Safety issue, question, or concern and you would like the Local to assist you, you can contact our Local Occupational Health & Safety Liaison at the Link provided at the top of this page or Submit an OH&S Issue using the Issue Reporting form above. Remember.......

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If you want to get involved with your Union and become one of the active executive members or to become a Union Steward, but are not sure how to proceed, contact:

Jim Wilson in Millwoods or
Ryan Rybchuk in Vegreville.

Welcome to the Home page of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) Local 60. 

AUPE Local 60 represents members employed at Alberta Innovates and InnoTech Alberta. Chapter 001 of our Local is comprised of members located in Calgary, Devon, and Edmonton, as well as Victoria, BC. Chapter 002 of our Local is comprised of members located at Vegreville.

Please browse around and come back often for news and updates. If you have questions or concerns please use the contact information located on this page.

2018 Negotiations

The current Local 60 Collective Agreement expired on September 30, 2017. Until a new Collective Agreement is in place, the current Collective Agreement remains in effect.

The Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB) has determined that Alberta Innovates would be represented by AUPE under the existing Bargaining Certificate that was issued under the Public Service Employee Relations Act (PSERA). InnoTech Alberta would be issued a separate Bargaining Certificate under the Labour Relations Code (LRC).

The reasoning for our two corporations being under different Legislation is due to the fact that when the new legislation was written to merge the four Alberta Innovates and create a new Alberta Innovates with the subsidiary company InnoTech Alberta, the wording in the Legislation on how the Board of Directors is appointed was different.

AUPE has filed a motion to the ALRB for reconsideration of their decision on the two separate bargaining certificates. That decision has yet to be issued.

In the meantime, AUPE and Alberta Innovates have entered into a Voluntary Recognition (VR) for the employees of InnoTech Alberta to be included in the terms and conditions of the collective agreement with Alberta Innovates. 

With the Local having two Bargaining Certificates we had to elect two bargaining committees; one for Alberta Innovates and one for InnoTech Alberta.

Bargaining is scheduled to commence on March 20, 2018.

Your Bargaining Committees are listed below.

Local 60 Bargaining Committees


Your Alberta Innovates Bargaining Committee is:

Julian Brown & Marcel Weinans

Your InnoTech Alberta Bargaining Committee is:

Jim Wilson & Tania McDonald